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Jan 23–26, 2024
Venetian Expo + Caesars Forum • Las Vegas

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NSSF is committed to making the experience for the working media as professionally rewarding as possible.

The SHOT Show® provides wireless access in the press room so journalists can work effectively. Furthermore, the SHOT Show press room will make available a limited amount of computers for working journalists to use that will have Internet access. These computers are to be used strictly for research and story composing and filing. Any activity not relating to these activities may result in forfeiting all access to the SHOT Show press room. Altering or changing any computer setting is strictly prohibited.

Please review this list of press room resources and services:

Press Conference Schedule

Tuesday, Jan. 1710:00 AMDavidson's/GlockDavidson's, Glock, Gunsite Academy Exclusive CollaborationDavidson's, Glock Inc., and Gunsite Academy have collaborated on a very special exclusive offering! We are excited to launch this new product at SHOT Show 2023Ken Campbell, Buz Mills, Bob Radecki, Mike Massiimo
Tuesday, Jan. 1711:00amIR ToolsNo More Angle!  New Upright Thermal Targets for Thermal ScopesIR Tools has a new Upright Thermal material to take the frustration out of shooting a ready-made thermal target. Thermal scope shooters up till  now have had few options when training with a thermal target. The biggest pain point with ready-made thermal targets is the required angle or tilt of the target. Without the angle the shooter cannot see the thermal contrast. Without a contrast there is no target to shoot. Most target backers and target stands do not lean at an angle. Therefore, the shooter must create an angle when mounting the target. Not to mention the extra cost, especially for ranges. This step is a hassle for the shooter. IR Tools new Upright Thermal Target line eliminates the required angle for the thermal scope shooter. Mount, Aim and Shoot. It is that simple. As a result, the excellent contrast in the upright position enables the shooter to spend more time training rather than wasting time in the set-up. Tom Boyer
Wednesday, Jan. 1810:00 AMNSSFTBDTBDTBD
Wednesday, Jan. 181:00 PMPOMAPOMA 2023 News & UpdatesCome join POMA to learn about all the events taking place in '23, including Insight Sessions, The Shooting Showcase event and the Annual Businsess Conference in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.  One member will walk away with a free conference registration just for attending this press conference.Thomas MacAuley
Tuesday, Jan. 1711:00 AMLyman/Mark 7 Reloading – Booth #13054Changing the World of Commercial and Consumer ReloadingWe are introducing two entirely new automated presses. One is geared for commercial reloading at speeds up to 7000 rounds per hour with capabilities that even Camdex machines do not offer. The other is a consumer level machine with a new approach to how automated reloading works, that makes this press different than anything else on the market.Spencer Karoll
Tuesday, Jan. 1712:00 PMTroy Acoustics Corporation – Booth #61102Memories of Honor hosted by Troy AcousticsTroy Acoustics will be hosting the Memories of Honor charity where cards can be written to fallen heroes and tacked onto the booth's side wall. At the conclusion of the show, the cards are then mailed to families of the loved heroes. For details on the charity go to MemoriesofHonor.orgAmy Cotta
JAN 17–20, 2023 LAS VEGAS